My Tattoos……

Many have asked what my tattoos mean, and how an image of them came to be the cover of the album, ALL IS WELL. In 2013, I learned the ancient practice of chanting. The method I was taught at the 3 Doors Academy is called, Tibetan Sound Healing, and the symbols are called the Warrior Syllables. Each Warrior Syllable corresponds to a chakra, a color, an element, a movement, and a sound. This practice is responsible for many transformations I have experienced on my healing journey. They made such a profound impact on my life I decided to have them tattooed on my person that same year.

Working my way down from the top, the symbols are

The forehead/crown…sound ‘A’ (ah)…. Boundless Spaciousness …color: White

The throat…sound ‘OM’…. Awareness….color: Red

The heart…sound ‘HUNG’… Equanimity/Completeness….color: Blue

The navel….sound ‘RAM’….Ripening…..color:Red

The secret chakra (four fingers below the navel)….sound ‘DZA’….Manifestation….color: Green

The Goddess is my Avatar. She represents my spirit. Her stripes capture the essence of the tiger, since I was born in the year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese Zodiac.

On the day of the photo shoot for the album, in 2014, with photographer Frank Lourio, I took the fast train into Paris with a heavy suitcase filled with every possible piece I thought I might need to look fabulous.  In between changes, my then press attaché, Muriel Vandenbosche walked in to the changing area and exclaimed, “What is this?”; with her heavy french accent it sounded more like, “What eez zees?”. Since I cannot see my tattoos I often forget I have them, so my response to her question was, “What is what?”. Looking through the mirror I saw her point at my back, and I briefly explained the meaning of my tattoos. The next instant she was yelling for Frank to come and see what she had discovered, and shortly thereafter, I was posing topless as Frank took pictures of my back. So much for the suitcase!

It happened in a flash, and the cover image of my first self-penned album, ALL IS WELL, still remains my favorite to this very day.

6 thoughts on “My Tattoos……”

    1. Dear Nain,
      All my tattoos are connected to my inner journey.
      Thank you so much!!

  1. I absolutely must finally start reading Tènzin Wangyal Rinpoche’s books. I had the chance to practice zazen with Master Deshimaru, when I was 20 years old! After the death of this Immense Master, I stopped! When I see you, hear you, look at your smile, your body language, which gives me so much Happiness, Peace and Energy, I tell myself that I absolutely have to start Meditation! And, I love this album cover because it’s just the basics! Thank you and well done dear Lisa.

    1. Chèr Christian,
      Je pense que tu a les livres de Rinpoche en français, n’est ce pas? Tu peux aller le site “” voir quand il reviendra à Paris pour la retraite annuelle.
      Ma prière est d’inspirer les autres à travers l’example de ma propre vie. Tes commentaires confirment que cette prière est exacuée!
      Je t’embrasse,

  2. Joyce E Stroud

    One of my favorite photos of you.
    There is joy in know how your practice’s, determination, and phenomenal talent impacts your life and all those who know and love you!

    1. Thank you Cuz!!
      You have known me all my life, and have seen my jagged edges become smooth. I pray that I can be a guide for others on their own healing journeys.
      Love You,

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