Mirror Images

In 2009, the SING THE TRUTH Tour a tribute to Nina Simone, opened in Atlanta, Georgia in the National Black Arts Festival. I performed with Dianne Reeves, Liz Wright and Joi Gilliam. During my performance Dianne asked someone to take this shot of my daughter, RéAnna watching from the wings.  In a 2017 special issue of PEOPLE I was struck dumb by the image of Carrie Fisher, as a little girl watching her mother, Debbie Reynolds, perform onstage.  These two images are so similar it still takes my breath away. 

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher
Lisa Simone and daughter RéAnna

5 thoughts on “Mirror Images”

  1. Joyce E Stroud

    Love the parallel of mothers and daughters. I remember many times you watched your mom from the wings. Makes me smile. Much love!💕

    1. Yes, indeed, Cuzin”!!
      Definitely brings back memories of childhood moments spent in the same spot, doing the same thing, and feeling so good to be there.


  2. What remarkably similar images. I can’t believe I left Atlanta one year too early.
    In 2008 I fulfilled a lifetime dream, seeing Gladys Knight opening The Black Arts Festival at the Concert Hall. Gladys had toured Australia many times, I had never gone to see her because i knew she would be using homegrown session musicians and whilst we have some of the best, to see legendary artists perform with their own people is something else.
    It just blew my mind. I had secretly hoped she would play her lengthy medley ‘End Of The Road’ and I’d all but given up hope when I heard the first few bars, well the tears just flowed and flowed with elation the whole way through. Her brother also performed with her.
    We left Atlanta late 2008, i just missed you then Lisa but I know that timing is everything and we were destined to meet in Melbourne, just a year later than planned.
    Thank you for sharing so much of your personal journey with us all. It has been such a huge help to me these past few months and I recieve new messages with each listen of your albums. CANNOT WAIT for April 2021. Geoff and I hope we can support you in the month I know you might feel vulnerable.

    1. Dear Michelle,
      Amazing….the world can be so small despite her enormity.
      Your message confirms how timing is everything.
      I look forward to meeting you and Geoff in 2021, in Australia.


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